Friday, January 28, 2011

I Wish I Was Bored


base layer

pattern layer

background layer

Final Image

After putting in those 3 drawing layers, I colored the image in Photoslop and drew in more lines and patterns wherever necessary. Then, I gave it to Andrew and Billy :D


Some other project

Wittle Fella

This is the design for a character I'm making into with felt and yarn and whatever other fabric I has lying around. He has no name yet. Can't wait to bring this guy to life and share him with you!!!

On a side note: intense filming THIS weekend! Will keep ya updated. Sweet dreams for now!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Days Are Quickly Marking Themselves Off The Calender

This 3-day weekend is going by too quickly. (.____.) can tell when I got lazy. 

There's a lot I want to update about, but some things will have to wait. I'm excited about a music video I'm doing throughout one of my classes, and also a music video for my friend, Billy. Speaking of! I will update about musique :D 

The Sound of Something Maybe Happening

 loopy times are coming!

Whooooooooo. I'm jumping on the sound wagon and got myself a loop pedal. Now it's gonna get really fun! I have, ehhhhh, 2 new songs to add the loop to, and 2 older songs I want to figure out the loops to. 

If you really want, I mean, really want, you can check out the experimental demo stuff I made with Billy. I'm only saying "really" because I'm completely in dislike of how my voice sounds. But, I'm started to develop it more, so I'm gonna be okay in da future. 
I'm so thankful for Billy though. He was kind of my mentor, in a sense that he made me pick up my instruments again and made me sing out loud in front of other humans. 


Oh, maybe you might enjoy this wittle tune. Me and my buddy Stefan made it one day. He helped me on harmonica :]

Otherwise: check out Billy !!! (Yarn Forest)


Next week will be exciting! I'm going to the mountains to film some scenes for the music videos. Hopefully that will all work out and will have something to show for it. 

been feeling more and more like a kid lately :]

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Mark On Da Web

Oh, hello! So, this baby-born blog entry is personally dedicated to my friend Katie, because she spent 2 hours one day convincing me to get a dang blog. I mean blog.

Dis blog is going to be dedicated to nothing in particular, maybe random sketches, class and personal project progress, video things, and noises. And words? <<<these are words! = check. 

Would you like to read about me? Maybe not, so is probably more so for myself. I like to write stuff about myself down, like it's some kind of proof that I actually exist and have likes and dislikes. Which is probably is a good thing I made a blog. Remember Xanga? Me too! 

Also, I'm pretty sure I have some kind of writing/reading disability. No matter how many times I read through stuff, a grammar mistake magically appears. If there are Engrish in here, it's mostly on accident. Otherwise, it's on purpose


this is for rigging class. we have to model a simple-ish character
I drew the blue guy one day and want to make him 3D

anthropology class. lecture/sketch time.

Meh. This is my first entry. In a blog. Morning class tomorrow. 
Goodnight sun! The moon will keep me company until you’re ready to meet me again.  


                                                                       Small words in a medium sentence.